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General conditions
Introductory notes The Park Hotel provides hotel and catering services which are in accordance with the General Guest Terms and with the confirmation and specification received...

General conditions


Introductory notes

The Park Hotel provides hotel and catering services which are in accordance with the General Guest Terms and with the confirmation and specification received for each individual reservation. The Park Hotel cannot be held responsible for circumstances which are outside its control, such as armed conflict, terrorism, riots or disturbances, strikes, natural disasters and adverse weather conditions, epidemics, prohibitions, restrictions imposed by local government, etc.


Reservations and methods of payment
Enquiries and reservations are accepted via our web page, by post, by email, by fax, by telephone or in person at our hotel reception. In reserving accommodation via these web pages, the guest confirms acceptance of these General Guest Terms in their entirety. All conditions listed hereafter are thus binding on both the guest and the Park Hotel . In making a reservation, the guest must supply all information requested. In order for a reservation to be considered valid, the guest must pay a deposit, or supply the number of a valid credit card as a guarantee of the reservation. The difference is payable at the hotel reception before the departure of the guest. All reservations made via the Internet reservation system are considered valid only upon confirmation of the reservation by the central sales office of the Park Hotel. The reservation can be confirmed online, by email or by fax. Notification/confirmation of the reservation, or the hotel voucher, must be presented at the reception on arrival at the hotel.

Sojourn tax
In accordance with the regulations governing payment of the sojourn tax, the guest must pay the sojourn tax upon payment for his/her hotel accommodation. The amount of sojourn tax payable in Croatia varies depending on the season and your destination. Children under the age of 12 are excluded from the sojourn tax, while children aged 12-18 pay at a discounted rate of 50%. The sojourn tax is payable at the time of payment of the outstanding amount payable for the reservation. The amount of the sojourn tax is clearly indicated on the bill which is issued to the guest upon calculation and payment of services.

Price of services
The price of services is the price per person/day, or room/day, as indicated in the service price list. Additional services are not included in the price and are payable additionally by the guest. Additional services must be explicitly requested when making the reservation. The Park Hotel reserves the right to change prices without notice. Guests who have paid a deposit, or supplied an acceptable form of guarantee for their reservation, are guaranteed the price which was in force at the time the reservation was made.

Category and description of services
The facilities and accommodation comprising the Park Hotel have been categorised by the authorised bodies of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

Right of the Park Hotel to alter or cancel reservation
The Park Hotel reserves the right to change the reservation or description of services at any time in the event of circumstances which are beyond our control and which could not be predicted, avoided or postponed. Previously-reserved accommodation may be exchanged for accommodation of the same or a higher category. The same price which was valid at the time of confirmation of reservation will be applicable, and the guest will be informed of the change in a timely manner. In those cases where it is not possible to find replacement accommodation and a reservation has been paid for in advance, the Park Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and refund the full amount remitted. In such cases, the guest has no right to further claims or compensation.

Right of the guest to alter or cancel reservation
In the event that the guest wishes to alter or cancel a reservation made at his/her request, he/she may do so in writing (by email, post or fax).
In the event that the guest cancels a confirmed reservation, the following reservation cancellation conditions are applicable:
• in the event of cancellation of the reservation up to 48 hours before commencement of the arrangement, 50% of the reservation cost will be charged.
• in the event that the guest fails to come, or cancels on the day of the reservation (no show), 100% of the value of the reservation cost will be charged.

Park Hotel obligations towards guests
The Park Hotel must constantly strive to ensure the quality of services rendered, in accordance with legal regulations, industry standards and accepted tourism, hoteliery and catering guidelines and customs.
The Park Hotel will strive to fulfil its obligations as taken on, in their entirety, except in the case of circumstances outside our control.

Guest obligations
The guest must supply and carry all personal documents necessary for checking into and checking out of Park Hotel accommodation. The guest must comply with the house rules laid down for each individual accommodation facility comprising the Park Hotel. Before arrival, the guest must enquire into travel regulations between the Republic of Croatia and the country from which he/she is travelling, and check whether any additional travel document is required for his/her entry into and stay in the Republic of Croatia.

The hotel will deal only with those complaints submitted via the hotel reception on the day when the situation in question arose. The hotel shall undertake to deal with all lodged complaints immediately, or as soon as it is possible. Should the complaint not be resolved during the guest\'s stay in the hotel, written confirmation can be issued at the guest’s request. We will only honour written complaints which are received by the hotel within a maximum period of 30 days after services were last rendered. The hotel undertakes to resolve the complaint within a period of 30 days.

Court authority
All disputes or disagreements shall be resolved by mutually acceptable agreement, and if a solution cannot be reached, the local competent court shall arbitrate.

15th August, 2007.